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I.Everywhere, the word, begins with I.E. In English, “i.e” stands for “that is”, it is an explainer, a communicator… which is what we are for your brand. You see, we believe in using every positive of your business and brand to further your message through any medium that would be relevant.

Defining Us

/’aɪ. ˈɛvɹiˌwɛrˌɪntə’lektʃʊəlˈbræn.dɪŋ/


An entity that allows you to increase your brand visibility, communicate your brand message, and improve its strength from inside out


to increase your brand visibility, communicate your brand message, and improve its strength from inside out

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Brand Strategy

Branding isn’t just about creating a few designs and publishing and printing them. With I.Everywhere, you get a complete strategy with regards to what you wish to communicate through your brand, and based on that we create a road map on how to take it further and implement it.

Branding Design

Branding is a very visible activity. If thought out well, we implement the branding strategies with designing it through graphics and content. Based on the brand perception you wish to create, I.Everywhere, designs collateral and creative to further your message.

Marketing Strategy

Once your brand perception, brand strategy and branding design is implemented, it is important to know how you are going to monetize it. That is where we start working on creating a road map towards increasing the amount of target audience reaching out to you.

Marketing Design

The next step to reaching your business’ Holy Grail, is implementation of the marketing strategy. Marketing design would include graphic designing, creative copy, caption content, blog writing, press release creation, mailer content, mailer design etcetc etc.

Corporate Training

Businesses often tend to forget that employees are the brand's first brand ambassadors. We work on ensuring that your work force quality is improving and upgrading without having to go through strenuous recruitment drives time and again.

Intellectual Branding

Intellectual Branding is a term of our own coining. However, as a concept, we are the only ones truly offering it in the market. It is an amalgamation off all the services we offer. It is a tried and tested method that works on strengthening your brand and multiplying its reach.

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